Artist Statement

MFA in Conceptual and Information Arts
San Francisco State University SF, CA
MA in Education
San Francisco State University
BA College of Wooster
Wooster, OH (Major: Philosophy)

Cyane Tornatzky is an artist of European American descent and Associate Professor of Electronic Art at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her focus is on dis/un-covering both positive and negative aspects of our digital existence. Sub-contexts in her work make reference to feminism, psychology, and our relationships to our bodies.

Some exhibition highlights of recent years are: inclusion in Denver Digerati’s program presented inside Meow Wolf’s Orpheum Theatre; the Fourth Annual International Short Film Festival”, Aggregate Space Gallery, Oakland and inclusion in Supernova 2021 Director's Choice program.

Additionally, Tornatzky is part of a cross-college team at CSU working on VR training. Their research has been published in several journals, and has culminated in a VR simulation game: VetVR. The team has also worked with CSU Strata to do a technology transfer - with the company Liekos Studio as a result. Tornatzky has is also collaborating with CS PhD candidate Brendan Kelley to write a book for Taylor Francis based on their article An Artistic Approach to Virtual Reality

In the classroom, Tornatzky has been investigating serious games as an art form for the past three years.