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DATABENDING (2014-2015)

Digital image files are at their foundation sequences of ones and zeros. So are text files. So are audio files. While the idea of photographic veracity has long been in question, we often underestimate how mediated the images are that we see. Hundreds of aesthetic decisions have been made by the time we pull an image off of the internet. This series takes a look at our digital files - by disrupting and investigating the underling medium

This series tries to address the limitations and possibilities of the medium of electronic art. By de-constructing the usual presentation of materials with which we view our digital content, I am inviting others to consider the technology underneath. To create this series, I play with the "raw" file format. A "raw" format is a file doesn't belong to any particular application and can be opened by a variety of softwares.

What you see in this series is a "raw" image file that has been opened in an audio software program. I've combined the image and the sound taken from each location. I then export the combined file and re-open it in a digital imaging program. I then prepare the file for print. I use a program called HexEdit to go into the actual ASCII value of the file and edit, converting entire blocks into a solitary color.