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How do dominant physical gestures in one person unconsciously provoke passive gestures in another? As part of my research/artwork concerning the role of women in society, I find it curious when attributes attributed as feminine are devalued while masculine attributes are lauded.

In my work, I often adopt a performative persona. For the "Power Positions" series I am wearing a hybrid pink-collar office worker/aerobics instructor. This persona attempts through repetitive action to adopt physical poses and positions in an attempt to ameliorate their social work status. This series of work attempts to appropriate stereotypically masculine body language and to isolate and examine moves that are most often seen in powerful, white, male CEOs. I document my appropriation, yet am undermined by many factors: the history of females as subjects of the male gaze, the often constrictive nature of female office attire, the fact that ambitious women are often found distasteful in our society.

Also shown: "Power Suit" (2012) and "To Be the Captain" (2013) and "Power Moves" (2011)