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What does it mean to make artwork as a...let's say "grown" woman? As so often with families, the domestic arrangements are often left to women. The grocery shopping, the schooling and its attendance, the laundry. As a married woman with a small child I find myself fantasizing about a type of domestic reality that is inevitably unattainable. Although I think of myself as impervious to advertising and a need to "keep up with the Jonses". I recently have found myself spending too long looking at high-end appliances and houses with extra bedrooms and external rock cladding. No matter what the income, there is always something more to be desired, another way to find what you have inadequate.

These works are an effort to exorcise that longing for something more that can inevitably undermine my feelings of confidence and satisfaction with what I have.

For most of these pieces, I use a computer program to dynamically generate, color, rotate, and place my original images. What you see in the prints are not examples of my placing the images in different spots, but the computer making decisions. In the animated pieces what you see is not video, but a computer algorithm running in the background - multiplying and moving my original drawings.