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"Conceptual artists Cyane Tornatzky and Jessica Walker have created an experimental video performance piece that enables the viewer to question culturally ascribed gender stereotypes. This multimedia installation is user-friendly, in fact, the viewer must engage with the media in order to view video clips from a series of staged scenarios set up by the artists."

"Each clip shows the artists dressed in a variety of gender stereotypes like "Female: Homosexual Masculine" (a.k.a. Butch). The viewer selects a clip by using the mouse to click on icons that are shaped like chromosomal pairs. The viewer, however, is set up like a turn-of-the-century peep show. The peep show creates a voyeuristic opportunity for the viewer to ogle representations of gender that do not fall clearly in the binary categories of male and female. The peep show implies titillating entertainment that is at once secret, because the viewer gets to choose to view the pieces, but also confrontational because through the stereoptic lens the viewer sees the scenes in 3D. The viewer experiences his or her own feelings of being a spectator to a constructed narrative that plays on gender stereotypes."

"The importance of media technology in this piece is not to be missed. While the multimedia installation clearly makes use of twenty-first century technology, the stereoptic viewer is an old fashioned technology. Through this piece, the artists propose we reexamine our attitudes about how we view dated gender stereotypes."

- Karen Roberts, http://engenderedspeciesart.com/Tornatzky.html

You can see the interactive content the viewers saw in the kiosk by clicking here.